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2-Stroke Oils & Pre-mixed Fuels

Give your Husqvarna product what it needs. Our selection of 2-stroke oils is made of the highest quality components, developed by Husqvarna, for your Husqvarna products. It meets all the high demands that you put on your product.

XP 2-Stroke Engine Oil

Our best formulation to date is the “ XP® Professional Performance” 2-cycle lubricant. It is a synthetic blend designed for tough, professional usage. * Handles high loads at tough professional usage *Excellent lubricating properties *Lowers engine operating temperature * Less coating on the piston and in crankcase * Extends the engine’s life * Provides longer service intervals * Low to medium smoke emission * Includes fuel stabilizer • 5.2 oz. bottles - 2 gal. mix - 1 case

Low Smoke 2-Stroke Engine Oil

Meets and exceeds the latest oil specifications for JASO-FD and ISO-EGD, and exceeds the current API TC Spec requirements.* Includes fuel stabilizer to reduce the risk of engine failure or poor running characteristics brought on by stale or poor fuel. * Improves lending with a broader range of fuels, including higher octane fuel. * Noticeable reduction in exhaust smoke. * Reduces fuel oxidation and improves lubricity. • 5.2 oz. bottles - 2 gal. mix - 1 case

XP 2-Stroke Pre-Mixed Fuel

Ethanol free, high octane fuel mixed with Husqvarna's best synthetic blended oil. The best pre-mixed fuel option for the best hand held equipment. Fuel does not degrade or oxidize like pump gas and stays fresh for years, solving longer term storage issues. It provides easier, more dependable starts and protects fuel systems and saves carburetors. Use of the Pre-Mixed Fuel & Oil is convenient (no mixing required) and in the long term, will save you costly rebuilds and downtime. (JASO-FD certified) • Husq 2-Stroke 50:1 PM Fuel (1 Quart)






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